Good camping food is very important since it determines the comfort standards of the whole trip. Though tastes very often vary, it is nonetheless true and generally admitted, that camping food has to be easy and quick to make.

Here are a few tips that can prove highly useful for the planning of the camping trip. You’ll know better what food to choose and in what quantities.

The camp cooking menu can easily include hamburgers and hot dogs: most people like at least one if not both of them. Of course you cannot serve this kind of camping food every day and for each meal, but at least once, they could save the day and help you feel well.

The only thing with this kind of camping food is that you need to preserve it correctly in a portable fridge so that it does not decay.

Then, the meals-ready-to-eat are another solution to solve part of the camping food problem. Taken from the military practice, this food is very tasty and with a high energetic value.

It has close to zero cooking time and it is highly inexpensive: this means that for one hundred dollars you’ll get plenty of such packages especially designed for traveling.

The next camping food option is dry or canned food. Once again we are talking about a minimum or zero cooking time. Consider for instance a ground beef can.


When opened it can be mixed with vegetables and some spices and you’ll have a delicious meal to enjoy in less than five minutes. You can also warm it if you have a camping stove with you.

The camping food for breakfast is the simplest to choose: here, you can buy all sorts of bars either fruit, cereal, granola and the like. The advantage of such camping food is that it brings quite a large amount of energy necessary for open air activities as they are rich in protein and carbohydrates.

You can alternate the use of bars with that of trail mix, but the thing is that the weight and the effort of carrying the camping food will be drastically reduced.

Crackers for instance will solve much of the bread need in the camping food supply. Bread takes more space and it is heavier, and even if you take some with you, crackers will still make a great choice for the matter.

They can be served with tuna, cheese and even with some meats. Therefore, don’t forget to add such items to the food camping list.