A successful camping trip is based on following some organizational guidelines. Planning is one of these. Planning a successful camping holiday moves around making a camping list.

First you should make a list of the things you have to do about organizing your camping holiday and then a camping list of the things you need to pack to take with you on the holiday.

Since nobody goes camping for only one or two days, but for a longer period, like a week or longer, obviously the camping list of things you need to take with you is quite exhaustive.

In order to make sure you do not forget anything of critical importance, after all you are going to spend some time in the middle of nowhere, away from civilization or help (hopefully things will go smoothly without any problems), it is very important that you design a well organized camping list of things.

Why would you want to make a camping list? There are a lot of advantages to working for and preparing a camping trip through making a camping list.


First of all, when making the camping list you manage to get the whole family involved in the preparations, thus allotting everybody certain tasks and responsibilities. Participating together in the preparations in this way, each member of the family will have their own contribution to the camping list and to the success of the trip, as well. Not to mention that doing it can be a lot of fun.

Besides, if you start a longer time in advance of the trip itself, you will be able to bring the holiday atmosphere and the feeling that the vacation is there already, earlier.

Another advantage of making a camping list is that it will not allow you to forget important items. So, when the time comes you will know exactly what to pack and what you might still need to buy for your trip. Funnily enough, a camping list will help you remember what not to take the next time you go camping.

A camping list will also make you decide what was good and is worth using again, and what was not useful and deserve to remain at home.

If you want to be organized and, consequently efficient, you should have different categories on your camping list, under which to list the necessary items.

Thus your camping list might include subheadings like: first aid items, toiletries, clothing items, footwear, general items, hiking and camping items, entertaining items and so on.