You are the one to decide whether camping meals are going to be bad or delicious; and even if you prefer eating pre-cooked food when in the middle of nature, there are some great camping meals to be prepared under the most unfavorable of circumstances.

You need energy, you need fine tastes and something nice to spoil yourself so that you actually feel like on holiday. Camping doesn’t mean eating poorly and without appetite.

A peanut butter sandwich or a veggie dog is really good from time to time particularly for breakfast or the snacks over the day, but real camping meals need to include something else. Here are some fine examples of how you can take care of your stomach while away.

Among the many types of camping meals prepared immediately on site, we should mention a delicious mixture of canned ground beef, onions, pepper, fresh herbs and spices.

If it is too difficult for you to make it in the camp you can prepared it at home and freeze it. Portable freezers are your greatest help for the making of really nice camping meals.

Thus, you won’t have to focus on the food part so much and enjoy the surroundings and relax. Devoting all of your time to cooking on camp is also unacceptable, therefore you will have to find a solution of compromise for the entire length of your stay.

Camp cooking recipes are widely available on the Internet which is why you should check online and see what great suggestions you can find for the trip.


Make a list with the best recipes so that you don’t cook the same dish several times. Then, only choose the simple and tasty ones so that the list of supplies does not go too long.

All in all we could say that you should have several meat cans, dry fruit and fresh vegetables like onions, peppers and broccoli which are rather easy to store and preserve them.

Barbecues also make a good choice for the camping meals, but for such circumstances you will be needing a portable freezer so as to keep the supplies cold. Then, you should camp in an area where there are fire rings and barbecue grills available.

The fees for such grounds are affordable, but they do vary from one property to the other.

Do not forget to take special spices for the meat you are trying to prepare, which is why you should also put such items on the list necessary for the trip.