Vacations are the parts of our lives that we all look forward to. In order to make the best of our vacations we should probably prepare well enough in advance, so that once we get to our holiday destinations we will not have unpleasant surprises.

To avoid unfortunate occurrences that may spoil our long waited for camping holiday and the relaxation and fun it is supposed to provide, we should be organized and start preparing the camping trip weeks in advance by making a camping packing list.

A camping packing list will definitely help us in organizing our camping trip. Some people might wonder why take all the trouble making a camping packing list? Well let me tell you that there are lots of advantages in making a camping packing list.

Firstly, a camping packing list will get the entire family involved in the project. Each member of the family will like to bring their contribution. The children will get excited about reminding you things that you supposedly forgot to add to the camping packing list.

Your purposely forgetfulness will make the kids happy and amused to realize they can be helpful and even better than you at making the camping packing list.

Then, a camping packing list will help you packing all the necessary hiking and camping items that you will need for a minimum of safety while camping. With the camping packing list at hand you will remember precisely what to pack and where to put it.

It would be very unpleasant and uncomfortable to find yourself in a difficult situation which you could easily solve provided you had the necessary items. That is why it is very important that you make this camping packing list in advance.


Besides these advantages, a camping packing list will prove itself useful for your future camping trips as it enables you to know what worked and what didnít previously; thus the next time you will surely know what to leave at home as useless.

Anyway, even if one camping packing list proved to be complete, you should not rely on this as your needs and interests as well as those of your familyís might change by the next camping trip.

Therefore, you should keep the camping packing list as both a reminder and a guide, not necessarily as the absolutely perfect list.

To be sure of its usefulness and effectiveness, you should list items on your camping packing list under separate headings like: tent, campsite, light, heat, cooking, clothing, fighting gear, personal use, toiletries, and so on.